Debbs Potts - Partial list of accomplishments

3 yrs. US Navy - WWII, 20 yrs. active Naval Reserve, 50 yrs. US Fleet Reserve,

50 yr. member of American Legion, 50 yr. member of Veterans of Foreign Wars, Honorary member of U.S. Young Marines, Honorary member of U.S. 186th Infantry.

Mayor of Grants Pass 1958 - 1960.

24 years Oregon Senator 1960 - 1984

(4 yrs. Senate President, 2 yrs. Executive Board U.S. Lt. Governors,

196 days Acting Governor of Oregon 1968-1972.

18 years Chairman Oregon Lottery Commission.

Co-Founder of Southern Oregon Historical Society, Co-Founder of Rogue Community College, 45 yr. member Redwood Empire Association, Goodwill Ambassador for Golden Gate Association, 40 yr. member Tri-State Association, California-Oregon-Washington, Former Chief of Oregon Cavemen, 60 yr. member North Pacific Grange near Pottsville, 40 yr. member of Grants Pass Rotary Club,

60 yr. member of Elk’s Club, (played Santa Claus for 55 straight years.)

Pottsville Oregon Historical Museum Oregon exhibits tractors