EVENT IS ON SEPT. 18th 2021.

Poker Run On Saturday, Sept 11, 2021.

Line Up Starts at 9am in the Museum parking lot.
Leaves at 10am
Ends at Hams Body Shop for lunch.
Entry Fee: $20
Includes two poker hands and two lunches.

Questions Contact: 541-450-4429


Q & A.:

What is a "Rat Rod?"
A Rat Rod is a custom car with a deliberately worn-down, unfinished appearance, typically lacking paint, showing rust, and made from cheap or cast-off parts.

Where Does "Rat Rod" Come From?
Rat Rod is a variation of hot rod, a term used for a custom car, usually modified from a classic car, that has been in use since the 1940's. Automotive historians are uncertain of the origin of hot rod. Some claim it's a shortening of hot roadster. Others say rod refers to the engine's camshaft and a hot rod refers to a performance camshaft, or performance engine. In the 1930's, hot rod was also slang for an "armed criminal" or "unruly young man", suggesting a possible connection between a fast, flashy cars and hooliganism.
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